About Us

Impact Martial Arts is a family operated martial arts university dedicated to teaching practical self defense and leadership lessons to all ages. We strive to apply the values of martial arts to all aspects of life and mentor children to success. Scroll down to learn more!

Impact Martial Arts Academy in Chanhassen

What sets us apart from other activities?

As a parent or an adult looking for a Martial Arts Training, you’re probably looking for something that not only adds more value than features but gets you results as well. If that’s you, then you’ll probably love Impact Martial Arts.

Impact was founded under the beliefs that:

1. Real self-defense is critical
2. Martial Arts must be about more than punching and kicking, such as Discipline and Integrity.
3. Training should be fun.

In today’s world, your safety and security have never been more needed. And with recent events have added the needs of personal and environmental health as well. Coupled with the best cleaning and sanitizing processes, Impact also offers the largest, cleanest, and safest facilities, not to mention use of the leading industry technology, promotes personal safety and hands down the most professional instruction and staff anywhere.

Traditional martial arts practices such as discipline, respect, self-care and caring for others have never more needed in the modern world and are the driving force at Impact. We work best with families and individuals who hold the same values highly too.

Impact Martial Arts

A Coaching Team That is Dedicated to Your Success

Master Ken Hoops started his Martial Arts journey around 7 years old. His family visited multiple martial arts academies in the early 1990’s until they discovered The ATA club at a local fitness center.

He began his journey in Minnetonka, MN and in 1998 earned his Black Belt. He has been a member of the American Taekwondo Association ever since. He has been teaching martial arts professionally for over 20 years and is currently a 6th Degree Black Belt and was inducted in 2021 Songahm Taekwondo Mastership Class.

He has been a successful tournament competitor, earning several Minnesota State Titles and a District Championship Title.

Master Hoops is married to wife, Amanda, they have two sons and a dog.

Ken is a lifelong Minnesota Native and is joyfully living his passion: teaching martial arts. In 2007, his career led him to become the Chief Instructor at ATA Martial Arts of Chanhassen and founded Impact Martial Arts – Chanhassen, when purchased the school in 2018.

In addition to spending time with his family, Master Hoops enjoys traveling with family, Strength Training, writing (sales & marketing copy, and journaling), reading (any subject, really- but it helps if it’s funny in nature), and of course, watching reruns of “the Office”, “30 Rock”, and his personal favorite, “Parks & Recreation”.

Ken Hoops

Owner – Chief Instructor